Additional classes may be added.  Minimum of five riders to add classes.  Club reserves right to combine classes if not enough entries.  CLASS ENTRIES CLOSE TWO (2) CLASSES PRIOR TO CLASS.


Youth riding in stock classes may ride up in class.  Year end points will only be given in actual age category.

Reining Green Rider Class - Green riders must be new to reining.  Green riders may not ride in other reining classes except Reining Green Horse.

Reining Green Horse.  Green horses may be ridden by any level rider.  Rider may ride with one or two hands, any bit may be used, simple lead changes are allowed.

Novice Walk/Trot – A novice or beginning rider who rides in Novice Walk/Trot may not show in a Canter/Lope class.  A novice rider may ride two handed.

Members must ride in four of the same named classes for points to count toward year end awards.

DRESS CODE ENFORCED:  A dress code will be enforced for all Western/English classes.

AQHA 2016 rules for English classes:  Riders should wear hunt coats of traditional color (navy, dark green, grey, black or brown).  Breeches are to be of traditional shades of buff, khaki, canary, light grey or rust (or jodhpurs), with high English boots or paddock (jodhpur) boots of black or brown.  Black, navy blue or brown hard hat is mandatory.  A tie or choker is required. Gloves, spurs of the unrowelled type that are blunt, crops and bats are optional.  Hair must be neat and contained.

AQHA 2016 rules for Western classes:  Riders must wear pant (slacks, trousers, jeans, etc.) long sleeves and collar, western hat and cowboy boots.  Spurs and chaps are optional.
NOTICE: Lincoln County Horseman’s Assoc. club officers and/or members are not responsible for damage, injuries, and/or theft of property!  Spectators and participants enter the show grounds at their own risk.  Tennessee equine law does not protect riders beyond show grounds gate.  Current negative Coggins (12 month) required on all equine on the show grounds.  Please no alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.  This is a family environment and you will be asked to leave the show grounds.

2017 Western Show Rules