Additional classes may be added.  Minimum of five riders to add classes.  Club reserves right to combine classes if not enough entries.  CLASS ENTRIES CLOSE TWO (2) CLASSES PRIOR TO CLASS.



Youth riding in gaited classes will be allowed to ride in their age category only.  Year end points will only be given in actual age category.

Members must ride in four of the same named classes for points to count toward year end awards.

GAITED: PADDED SHOES AND ACTION DEVICES ARE PROHIBITED!! All horses shall be flat shod or barefooted.  Hoof bands are permitted but must be ½ inch from coronary band.  Clips are permitted. They must be ½ inch beat on clip drawn from the shoe with no welding.  Limit of 3 per shoe.  Trail pleasure-shoe not to exceed ¾ inch by 7/16 inch.  Country/Traditional Trail Pleasure-shoe must be a manufactured, “stamped,” cast keg shoe, not to exceed 3/8 inch by ¾ inch.  In classes with no shoe size limitation, shoe may not exceed 1 1/2 inch wide by ½ inch thick. Light shod class shoe may not exceed 1 inch wide by 1/2 inch thick.  Open shod shoe may be no bigger than 1 ½ inch wide by 1 inch thick.  No pads.

DRESS CODE ENFORCED:  A dress code will be enforced for all classes.  Riders must wear pants (slacks, trousers or jeans), long or short sleeves shirts with a collar.  Hats are optional.  Helmets are allowed.

NOTICE: Lincoln County Horseman’s Assoc. club officers and/or members are not responsible for damage, injuries, and/or theft of property!  Spectators and participants enter the show grounds at their own risk.  Tennessee equine law does not protect riders beyond show grounds gate.  Current negative Coggins (12 month) required on all equine on the show grounds.  Please no alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.  This is a family environment and you will be asked to leave the show grounds.

Gaited Rules